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Assess and Plan

The Challenges We Address

How effective and efficient is your Service Management ecosystem? Are customer's expectations clear and continually measured? How reliable are those services? Is it easy for employees and customers to access the information they need?

The first step toward maturing a Service Management organization is to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of each service component and understand how each can and should work together.

Activities We Perform

We partner with you, your team, and your customers through cross-functional workshops and structured interviews.​ We then use a systematic and practical approach to assess the existing maturity of your Service Management organization.

What We Deliver

  • Comprehensive service management maturity assessment. This includes clear, understandable descriptions and recommendations for improvement.

  • OCM (Organizational Change Management) maturity assessment. This outlines the ability of an organization to lead and absorb change. This also includes clear, understandable descriptions and recommendations for improvement.

  • A Delivery Proposal Package describing recommended steps to take in order to mature your Service Management organization, based upon our maturity assessment.

  • A clear and descriptive roadmap that makes sense for your organization.

Lead and Deliver

The Challenges We Address

Delivering tangible results requires leaders who are adept at setting and meeting expectations, providing clear guidance and communications, and leveraging available resources effectively.

The Activities We Perform

Our skilled project and program managers will partner with your team and stakeholders to drive and deliver results. We use well-established project and program management tools and methods to set clear expectations and ensure success.

What We Deliver

  • Project Charter (outlining scope, approach, and measures of success).

  • RACI Diagram (outlining roles and responsibilities).

  • Project Schedule and/or Agile structures and definitions.

  • Progress and status reports.

  • Resulting structure, process and metrics as agreed and outlined at the onset of the project.

  • Metrics and reports that reflect objectives, current state, progress, and opportunities.

  • Component(s) that are measurably more mature based on documented expectations.

Business Meeting
Meeting Room
Manage and Mature

The Challenges We Address

A mature Service Management organization is continually seeking ways to improve and stay competitive. 

Activities We Perform

Once we have established a well-functioning Service Management ecosystem, we will continue to engage stakeholders, including customers, to ensure your organization meets customer needs and expectations effectively and efficiently. 

What We Deliver

  • Weekly governance report for leaders and other stakeholders.

  • Comprehensive assessment of metrics and feedback with suggestions for improvement.

  • Hosted Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with customers, partners, and other key stakeholders. 

Coach and Train 

The Challenges We Address 

The key to a successful service management organization is an educated and empowered team. Regardless which stage you’re at in your service management journey, our coaching and training services are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

Training We Provide

  • Service Strategy Development

  • Process Improvement Workshops

  • Service Desk Excellence

  • ITIL Certification Preparation

  • Change Management Training

  • Service Metrics and KPIs

  • Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis

  • Leadership and Team Development

What We Deliver

  • Interactive remote and in-person training sessions.

  • Training guides and materials.

  • Quizzes and review sessions. 

  • Certificates of completion.

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