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What's New?!


Service Management Essentials

We just completed this YouTube series. 

We step through each step involved in improving the delivery and support of services.


What's Next?

We are working on comprehensive, hands-on interactive, instructor-led workshop.


We are plan to expand our YouTube videos to address related topics such as leadership, program/project management, and building effective PMO's.

Meeting Room Business
Assess and Plan

We conduct a comprehensive maturity assessment of an organizations service management ecosystem and OCM (ability to deliver and manage change) and provide a suitable roadmap based on this assessment.

Lead and Deliver

We use well-established project management tools and methods to drive and successfully deliver tangible improvements to service management environments.

Meeting at the office
Manage and Mature

Once we have established a mature ecosystem, we provide coaching and guidance to drive continual improvement.

Meeting in an office
Coach and Train

We provide coaching and training on a number of service management topics.


At Kinbalo Ventures, we are passionate about helping businesses achieve their full potential. Our team of experienced consultants provides personalized service management consulting to help you succeed. We believe that success is a journey, not a destination, and we are committed to helping our clients every step of the way.

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