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A Practical Approach to Service Management

In today's competitive marketplace, customers may forgive a faulty product or service but will seek alternatives if it's poorly delivered or supported.

Kinbalo Ventures is a Service Management consulting company that partners with organizations and leaders to help improve/mature how services and knowledge are and supported and delivered.

Assess and Plan

The Value we Provide

How effective and efficient is your Service Management ecosystem? Are your customer's expectations happy with the services provided? How reliable are your services? Is it easy for employees and customers to access the information they need to perform their responsibilities? 

The first step toward maturing a Service Management organization is to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of each key component.

Activities we Perform

We use a systematic and practical approach to assess and track the continual maturity of Service Management organizations.

What we Deliver

  • Comprehensive Maturity Assessment.

  • OCM (Organizational Change Management) Maturity Assessment (ability to lead and absorb change).

  • A descriptive roadmap that's easy-to-understand and communicate.

  • A Delivery Proposal Package outlining steps to mature your Service Management organization.

Lead and Deliver

The Value we Provide

Delivering tangible results requires clear communications and strong leaders. Our skilled project and program managers will lead your team to success. (who know how to navigate/lead collaboratively

The Activities we Perform

We use well-established tools and methods to ensure continually clear communications and success - tools that your teams can adopt and apply.

What we Deliver

  • Project Charter (outlining scope, approach, and measures of success)

  • RACI Diagram (outlining roles and responsibilities)

  • Project Schedule and/or Agile structures and definitions

  • Metrics and Reports (depicting actionable data)

  • Component(s) that are measurably more mature based on documented expectations.

Manage and Mature

The Value we Provide

A mature Service Management organization is continually looking for ways to mature and stay competitive. 

Activities we Perform

Once we have established a well-functioning ecosystem, we will continue to search for ways to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations effectiveness and efficiently. 

What we Deliver

  • Weekly governance report for leaders and stakeholders

  • Comprehensive metrics assessment with suggestions for improvement.

  • Hosted Quarterly Business reviews with customers, partners and other key stakeholders, as appropriate. 


At Gas Lamp Solutions, we are passionate about helping businesses achieve their full potential. Our team of experienced consultants provides personalized service management consulting to help you succeed. We believe that success is a journey, not a destination, and we are committed to helping our clients every step of the way. Click below to learn more.


“Gas Lamp Solutions helped us achieve success beyond our wildest dreams. Their personalized service management consulting was exactly what we needed to take our business to the next level.”


John Smith

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